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History of "Dr. Rieser Getränke Judenburg"


Many years ago....

...from small business  in 115 years to the leading regional - Beverage Trading Company

  • Established in 1900 as a producer of soda water
  • 1939 first cooperation contracts with important softwareproducers
  • 1945 best business success with russian and british soldiers, so called (blaues Kugerlwasser) was easy to produce and got a high  price selling level. 
  • Continous development of the business helped to open bottling facilities for lemonade and two distribution centers in Carinthia.(St.Veit & Klagenfurt)
  • In 1980 construction of new company facilities with a warehouse, distribution center,sales,purchase and administration departments in Judenburg
  • In 1981 further expansion of the product range leading to the idea of a "Beverage Trading Company "
  • In 1987 a retail shop has been opened within our premises; further increase of capacities
  • 1993 we built the finest and best office building  in Judenburg ( former part of our storage facilities) and it was the start for our new business:"Real Estate"
  • 1998 we increased our business by selling liquors..............
  • 2005 we began to import liquers by ourself
  • 2006 we startet the cooperation with excellent vineyards
  • 2010 we expanded our business by selling our products into a near new region (Leoben,Bruck)
  • 2011 we startet our ONLINE TRADING,a step into a new businessworld,we modernised our "Bier & mehr SHOP" and implemated a new EDV-System with a lot of managing tools. 
  • 2012 we are full of power,ideas and are keen to make our business run stronger,day by day.!
    • 2013 has been a year of further expansion into new areas with a lot of new products. At least we  expanded our business further for 1% this year.
    • 2014 we  changed a lot of our products,our way is working for and with the people out of the region. After 115 years of hard work, we still reached a nearly "single selling position".!! 
    • 2015 we performed with 1,5% plus,that´s just in plane. We expanded our sortiment in the wine and cider area and also expanded our delivery and selling area to carinthia. So we are keen to have another good year.!
    • 2016 we reached our goals of a growth of 1,1% anno just as all the years bevor.We  expanded our delivery region and took more power to our import activities.!
    • 2017 we performed with 1% but more was not possible in the businessfiel around us...
    • 2018 we investet a lot of power  and time in our importstrategy of coffee and were successsfull in the end.....also in our real estates we placed strong investments.
    • 2019 a new year startet and we try to reach our growthplan and will be successfull as all the years bevor..............
    Sodafabrik  Dr. Rieser Getränke


    • ... we have 2.000m² warehousing spare with state-of-the-art storage systems
    • ... we are the supplier of choice for 350 companies in the field of catering services.Our total yearly capacity is about 32.000 hectoliter
    • Since 3 generations...we are a family owned company driven by our philosophy to expand the business continuously and permanently
    • ...we have developed our position to become the leading "Upper - Styrian - Beverage Trading Company".
    Weinkeller Dr. Rieser Getränke
    • Our new "winecellar", more than 1200 bottles of delicious wines are waiting for interestet gourmets.! .......................when do you come to visit us.????


    Questions -Ideas ??

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    In our "Homemuseum"

    in our"Bier & mehr" - SHOP we show more than 70 years old softdrink producing machines.

    Maschines from the time we startet our business.

    Kugerlfüller um 1910_2stelliger Kastenfüller 1954_Imprägniermaschine 1954_Erster Coca Cola Kooperationsvertrag 1939_